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July 9, 2022

Find out what dogs can eat and what are the most well-known poisonous foods. Balance your furry friend’s diet.

What can dogs eat?
There are many versions and opinions about the foods that canine pets can eat. There are those who defend that you should only have a strict diet of concentrate. There are also other versions that eliminate concentrated food from the diet of dogs and consume only natural food, even raw (the well-known Barf diet).

The answer to the question about what dogs can eat depends on different factors, such as the existence of your pet, the breed and the state of nutrition. In this publication we will tell you some tips about the foods that your pet can eat and which ones are better to avoid.

What can dogs eat?
Human foods that your dog can eat
food not recommended
Foods you can’t eat under any circumstances

Human foods that your dog can swallow
Meat and fish:
In addition to being foods that most dogs, meat and fish love, they are also foods that offer a large number of nutrients for our pets.

So that your puppy can take advantage of all the nutrients of the meat, it is important that you take into account the way in which the meals are prepared. For example, fried, salty or very fatty meat will not be healthy at all and may harm your puppy. The ideal thing for your pet’s consumption will be roasted meats and, of course, without bones; since, when bitten, these can be quite sharp and pointy to hurt your pet’s esophagus or stomach.

Fruits are natural and delicious foods that also provide nutrients to your pet. Fruits such as pear, apple, banana and melon are recommended for pets, since they have antioxidant properties and also help clean teeth naturally. However, you must wash them very properly before consumption to avoid the transmission of bacteria or viruses. Be careful because not all fruits are recommended.

Among the vegetables that can favor your dog the most is the carrot. In addition to being crunchy and delicious for your pet, this vegetable has different vitamins in its composition and can also help clean its teeth. You can offer your puppy carrots washed and raw, or cooked.

There are also other vegetables such as lettuce and spinach that provide important nutrients for your pet.

Cheese and Yogurt:
These two foods derived from milk are also important sources of calcium for your dog. Yogurt, for its part, contains probiotics that regulate the intestinal flora and favor your pet’s digestion. It is important that you be careful with the consumption of this type of food in excess. Because they are derived from milk, you must be careful, because dogs do not have the enzyme that processes lactose, that is, most dogs are lactose intolerant. The ideal is to include them in the diet between one and two times per month.

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Non-recommended food to avoid

Just as there are different foods that help feed your dog, there are also some that are not highly recommended for their health. They may not have an extremely high level of poison, however in the long term and in excess they can be unfavorable for the health of your dog, some of these are:

Nuts, in general, contain ingredients that help feed your pet. However, you must be careful with the type of nut and its origin. On some occasions, the nut contains a kind of fungus called Aflatoxin, which turns out to be quite toxic for dogs.

If they are prepared in a natural way, they do not turn out to be so harmful to your pet. If you want to share some of your popcorn with your furry friend, it is important that they do not have a lot of salt. Avoid consuming if it is sweet or microwave popcorn.

Although it is a very nutritious ingredient that is part of the daily diet of many families, the tomato contains some components such as tomatine and solanine that are harmful to your pet. Make sure the tomatoes your pet eats are ripe and don’t overdo it.

fast As for humans, fast foods are not recommended for our furry friends, due to their high concentration of sauces, chemical and processed products.

Bread is a food that lacks nutrients for our furry friends. Although it is one of the favorite sustenances to share with our animals, it is better not to get them used to eating bread frequently.

Foods that you cannot eat under any phase
Strictly prevent your dog from consuming chocolates or related. Although it is delicious, chocolate contains a component called Theobromine, which in high doses turns out to be poison for dogs, causing poisoning with stomach upsets and even death.

The ingredients in mustard are known to be harmful to dogs. The main sign is vomiting and fever. Whether in sauce or grain, prevent your pet from consuming this food, as it can be quite harmful to its well-being.

The onion is another food that we use in our day to day for salads and condiments in our meals. Whether raw or cooked, this vegetable has a component that is quite poisonous for our pets called thiosulfate, capable of causing damage to the circulatory system and problems with red blood cells.

Kidney failure, and even death, are the consequences of letting your dog eat grapes. Currently, it is unknown what component causes these disorders in dogs that have consumed this fruit. So avoid as much as possible that your dog has contact with this fruit.

If you are one of those who loves avocado, and you want to share this dish with your dog, you should avoid it in any case. Avocado contains a persin, a dangerous toxin that can cause respiratory difficulties and digestive problems for your pet.