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Tips for coexistence between children and dogs 2020

July 10, 2022

Dogs and children are a combination that generates happiness and learning for both parties, but it is necessary to recognize that any canine can bite, any person, for different reasons.

Therefore, it is necessary to discipline the little ones when and when not to play with a dog to avoid this type of mishap, gives you some warnings:

  • Do not join, touch or caress a dog that is eating, biting a toy or a bone, a female with her young, since they can see it as a threat and get scared, which can cause aggressive behavior.
  • Stay away from a canine that is barking or growling.
  • Children should not pet an unknown dog without asking its owner’s permission. To do so, once with the permission of your guardian, you must proceed carefully, without hard movements.
  • You should not touch a dog that is behind a gate, since being in your home they can take as a threat.
  • If a little one is with an unknown dog, avoid sudden movements and shouts, as this can cause the dog to become stressed and attack.
  • Remember that dogs are animals and not objects, so the coexistence between pets and children must be supervised by an adult.

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