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July 11, 2022

Dogs are animals that love to eat, so when a change in their desire occurs, it is usually quite evident, but what to do if this happens?


  1. Food: if your dog is young, he may not like the change of food, the smell, the consistency may be a factor, so it is recommended to change to another.
  2. Disease: it can be due to a metabolic problem or a liver disease.
  3. Stress: Changes in your habitat that cause you to have mood swings.
  4. Injury: problems in the jaw, mouth or stomach system.
  5. Foreign body: in the mouth, esophagus, or intestinal tract

Not swallowing usually happens due to another problem in the canine’s body, so it is necessary to see a veterinarian, since it is necessary to discover the reason for this, since it is a symptom of many diseases. Only an expert will distinguish inappetence from inability to eat.